The Ultimate Dream

What is it:

Is your family coming over for a first time visit? Or do you want to show your boss what life in Amsterdam can be like? Or do you just want to treat your family to an extra special day out? We have created the ultimate Dream Package for you!

The service includes:

  • Pick-up from your house in a stretched limoConstantijn Huygensstraat, Limosine
  • Guided tour of Amsterdam
  • Afternoon tea in the Amstel Hotel
  • Pick-up with your limo-for-the-day to a nearby helicopter areaAmstel
  • Helicopter tour of the Netherlands
  • Pick-up by your limo-for-the-day and brought to Van Gogh Museum
  • Guided tour of the Van Gogh museum
  • Pick-up by your limo-for-the-day and dropped off for dinner at Restaurant Ciel Bleuhelicopter
  • Picked-up and dropped off at home by your limo-for-the-day

This day out is for up to a maximum of 6 people.

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