Departure Assistance

going_home Your life in the Netherlands comes to an end. You either go back home or move on to the next country. But there are still quite a few loose ends that need to be tight up.

What it is:

Assisting in the final phases of an expatriate assignment is a critical, but often overlooked piece. The challenge for an expatriate is to find the balance between anticipating the move and the time-consuming details of departure.

This service includes advice on and assistance and support with:

  • assist you with the cancellation of unsubscribeleases, (home, car, etc.), bank accounts, etc.
  • claiming the deposit
  • liaising with insurance company in case of damages
  • unsubscribing all the utility contract contracts
  • selling your house
  • overseeing and coordinating professional cleaning and repairs if requiredremoval
  • completing a final inventory check out with the landlord/representative
  • providing mediation with removal companies
  • changing your postal address
  • deregistering you from the local authorities
  • If case you are moving to a new expat location, we will partner with your new relocation agency to make your next step even smoother.

If you miss anything in this list you would want us to do…do not hesitate to call us!

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