Business & Education

What it is:

Ybusinessou came to the Netherlands but still want to start up a company of your own. Or  your partner needs assistance in making his or her life in the Netherlands as great as it can be. Or maybe you and your family have a dream to start up a volunteer organization of your own. Do you have any idea where to start?

This service includes advice on and assistance and support with:

  • continuing education
  • community involvement
  • networking opportunities
  • volunteer opportunities


  • career counseling
  • setting up a business of your own
  • legal and practical issues
  • rental registrations, office and car lease, contracts, insurances and the like
  • help you set up a volunteer organization
  • setting up a bookkeeping system and administration
  • finding training, coaching, personnel and all other organizational issues you may have

If you miss anything in this list you would want us to do…do not hesitate to call us!

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