Springtime is Workshop Time for Expats…

Maybe you have seen the announcements…or maybe you have not but I am really very excited about my new venture!

Jacqueline ter HaarI recently conducted a survey in which I asked some Expats to answer a few questions and I am a little staggered by the results. I would like to share them with you.

When asked what people struggled most with in Holland over 65% of the respondents appeared to have practical issues. These included a variety of subjects such as paperwork, phone calls to Dutch organizations, insurances, finding the right doctor or dentist, paperwork and bureaucracy.

Another question I asked was what could have helped or still would help to make your life as an Expat easier. The answers to that question included coaching, meeting people with the same issues and getting some help with Dutch paperwork…and this triggered something!

Q&ASo I have decided to come to you! I have planned a series of free events…the first one on May 12th which will be especially for Expats who are new in the Netherlands or have been here for a while but find it still a little difficult and. I have called it Expat in Holland – life can be easy. In this interactive workshop I would like to help you with some of the practical issues and provide some solutions. In addition there will be a free Q&A session and there is time to meet and exchange experiences with other expats. You can register for this event here. The registration fee is € 5 which will include a free coffee or tea.

But there is more…

Because I believe that both Expats as well as HR managers and Relocation Companies can learn and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience I have set a date for a second event. The title for this free event is: Keeping Expats productive & happy.

Expat workshopOn May 19th I will host an interactive debate/workshop in which I hope to be able to sit down and brainstorm with HR managers, Relocation Professionals and Expats together about specific issues where Expats and their families are struggling with, how we can adjust our expertise and combine our knowledge and skills in order to provide the best care for Expats.

Because I believe that if we all put our noses in the same direction we will be able to add value to the life’s of many people. So…if you believe the same…register here and meet likeminded people.

And still more…

DorotaLooking for a job? Join Dorotha Klop-Sowinska’s Job-hunting speed-network event on April 22nd and empower your job search!

The main theme of the event is JOB HUNTING. You will get a chance to speed-network with international recruiters and get their direct feed-back and tips regarding your profile. Additionally you will participate in a workshop and learn about the most effective job-hunting strategies to boost your job search, you will be shown how to immediately apply those strategies! International Career ClubCome and get the energy BOOST plus CONNECTIONS to develop further your professional life. The event is for both international men & women looking for a job in the Netherlands and you can register here.

And even more…

CaitronaMy colleague Caitrona Rush from @ Home Abroad will be the trainer at another course: Doing Business with the Dutch. This course is specifically targeted at Expats who have Dutch colleagues, business partners, customers, employees or a Dutch manager.

The benefits of this interactive workshop on cultural awareness and reconciliation in the workplace will focus on understanding the Dutch business culture.

Business with the DutchCaitrona will provide the tools to:

  • Understand the Dutch business culture and what lies behind certain actions and       behaviors
  • Learn to reconcile cultural differences to ensure a win-win situation for all involved
  • Need to know hints and tips to increase the effectiveness and success of your interactions and negotiations with the Dutch.

Further dates to be confirmed but you can already register here.

Now I’m curious….

Which event appeals most to you? And why? Or is there a workshop that you are attending and that has not yet been covered in this article? Or maybe you would like to go to an event covereing something totally different but you cannot find one…

Share this article with your fellow expats, HR managers or relocation companies and leave a comment below! Thus we will be able, as trainers and service providers, to give you what you would like to receive.

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