Agree or disagree – what expats say about Holland

Life in Holland…living with the Dutch – it’s not always easy for expats! And the internet is a great resource for some very positive as well as very negative opinions! I have collected 60 of them…do you dare to fill in the test and see how positive you are? Oh, and by the way…it’s TOTALLY anonymous :)!love-not2

Take the test and see how many times you agree or disagree!

I love the Sinterklaas tradition

Holland lacks nature – even the countryside consists of concrete

Dutch people appreciate my sarcasm

Dutch people are single minded

Dutch people certainly don't seem judgmental about vegan eating choices

Dutch people are nice people

In the Netherlands the customer service is a basic low and you have to argue to get anywhere

I love to get my kids to school on the bike - no more stressing in cars

In the Netherlands there is a good life/work balance in general (working 4 days a week is tolerated in most places, there's 'papa day', etc.)

They are not as friendly and tolerant as, say, 20 years ago

In the Netherlands nothing 'is possible'

Dutch kids have more freedom and are happier than those back in England

Dutch lack courtesy (forget about holding doors etc.) and suffer from a certain lack of irony and self-deprecation

You can’t get a fresh cooked chicken in the supermarket and there are too many sandwiches

Dutch people are not being rude but just being Dutch

There is no real Xmas tradition in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has small towns that have not changed much for hundreds of years...

The supermarkets are a pale shadow of Waitrose & Sainsbury's

I love the Dutch breakfast with whole grain bread and lovely yummy Dutch cheese

It’s difficult to get used to the lack of tact thrown around by Dutch people

Dutch men are super good fathers and super good husbands

In the Netherlands there is an abundance of lovely fresh water

The taxes are getting higher and the wages are getting lower

Dutch people have a lovely family way about them. I like it when I see them all sitting down and eating dinner together, no TV on etc.

Dutch people do not wait in a line even if you are first

Dutch people are very open-minded an certainly not as easy to offend as Americans

I love the way the Dutch go about worker's protection and job security: I really feel protected against being made redundant unfairly, because of the system of labor laws that are in place. Same for long sick leave. You are really quite protected, even if you have to be sick for ages.

There are lots of herons in the Netherlands

Dutch winters – I love the ice skates and after some rounds on the lake some hot 'groc' or chocolate

The local area is a joy to walk around

I love the Dutch weather - believe it or not

Holland is a small country with nothing much to offer except high cost of living and an insufferable work environment

A Dutch woman is on average 1.72 cm - taller than most men in the US - I like that!

I love Dutch Apple pie

It seems that everyone spits in the street

In the Netherlands you are always close to a natural park area

Certain main streets get really dirty in the evenings before the rubbish truck comes - to the point you have to climb over a whole street full of bin bags on the floor which brings unwanted guests if you live by the canal - MICE

I really, really, really, really dislike Dutch food and the restaurants are really appalling

You have to make an appointment with a friend to just have a cup of coffee

The Dutch are aggressive in traffic

Dutch restaurants are bad, expensive and kids are often not welcome

Pain relief for child birth is virtually unknown

I hate the random and very direct opinions of the Dutch and their habit of giving them without being asked

Dutch shops: I love the HEMA

Dutch cities are clean, easy to get around in, and well laid-out

Why don’t they have any good quality bacon

The Dutch are rude and impolite

Dutch people are experts at al fresco once the sun comes out

I admire the efficiency of Dutch people

There is water everywhere in the Netherlands

Dutch people are laid back

Holland is so flat and boring

It’s easy to have an intelligent conversation with the average Dutch person

The weather is crap

Dutch women are extremely liberated

The child care is mega expensive

Dutch people are very aggressive with their opinions

No matter how hard you try with Dutch people: they'll always make you feel like a foreigner

Dutch traffic is a nightmare

Dutch restaurants are not very innovative with their dishes and very expensive – ven the Chinese ones

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