Agree or disagree – what expats say about Holland

Life in Holland…living with the Dutch – it’s not always easy for expats! And the internet is a great resource for some very positive as well as very negative opinions! I have collected 60 of them…do you dare to fill in the test and see how positive you are? Oh, and by the way…it’s TOTALLY anonymous :)!love-not2 Lees verder

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Working with the Dutch – an explanation for professional expats

Internations, the biggest expatriate network worldwide, aims to make life easier for expats. With this mission in mind we are very happy with the very informative article they wanted to publish on our website.

foto-1Arriving into the Dutch business world can be like entering The Twilight Zone, everything seems like home but there are subtle differences that let you know the world has changed. Through the Rabbit Hole, there are indeed cultural variances from what you will be used to and to get ahead in this foreign corporate culture, research is key. In the following article we do not look at the legal dimensions of being employed in the Netherlands, rather we outline some of the key things to look out for and provide tips and tricks on how to succeed in the Dutch business world. Lees verder

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3 Secrets Expats want to hide from colleagues and friends

It’s not a big surprise that every new expat needs time to adapt to their new location, expat-lifetothe new culture and to a different life. Many websites, blogs and books have been written about the ways in which you can do that best, easiest, most comfortable and with a lot of fun and pleasure.

At the same time a lot has been written about the pitfalls an expat may face such as feelings of loneliness, disappointment over the new home country, job or family life as expats. And, although it may be more difficult to find a quick fix for those issues, a solution is available in most cases. Lees verder

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I have a dream that one day …

this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

Martin-Luther-King-I-have-a-dreamWho does not remember this great speech by Martin Luther King? It changed the world and people became more aware of “the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination”. I wonder, however, how much we all really have learned from these wise words.

More than 50 years later Martin Luther King’s message is as necessary now as it was then…the only difference is that we now talking about segregation and discrimination on a global level and not just between white and black people. Lees verder

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Springtime is Workshop Time for Expats…

Maybe you have seen the announcements…or maybe you have not but I am really very excited about my new venture!

Jacqueline ter HaarI recently conducted a survey in which I asked some Expats to answer a few questions and I am a little staggered by the results. I would like to share them with you.

When asked what people struggled most with in Holland over 65% of the respondents appeared to have practical issues. These included a variety of subjects such as paperwork, phone calls to Dutch organizations, insurances, finding the right doctor or dentist, paperwork and bureaucracy.

Another question I asked was what could have helped or still would help to make your life as an Expat easier. The answers to that question included coaching, meeting people with the same issues and getting some help with Dutch paperwork…and this triggered something! Lees verder

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