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Jacqueline ter HaarI am Jacqueline ter Haar. I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I was married to an expat for twenty years. Together, we built up a successful copywriting and translation company. My partner did the writing and I dealt with everything else. Establishing the company, managing the books and tax matters as well as staff issues, housing and renovations.

At the same time, I was also busy with all the day-to-day matters such as finding schools, gyms, a church and even the best grocery stores to suit expat tastes. With my knowledge I was able to help more people than just my partner. I quickly became the advisor for all our other expat friends. I arranged mortgages, found homes, negotiated with the tax office and dealt with lots of other ‘little’ things which are so ‘normal’ for someone who has lived here all her life.

A few years ago my partner and I decided to go our own separate ways. I was astounded at how difficult expat life still was for him after more than 20 years of living in the Netherlands. When I looked around I saw many more of my friends going through the same struggle. And I realized that existing in the Netherlands and living a fulfilling and happy life here are two different things.

I became excited and it still is the driving force for my business. I want to help expats to enjoy their life in The Netherlands! I have lived in this city all my life and I understand how this city, country and culture works. And although Amsterdam, admittedly, is not as big as London, New York or Shanghai, it is still large enough to get lost in. I am able to help people with some, maybe even most, of their practical issues because I can honestly say that my services are based upon a true understanding of what expats really need.

And since I have made it my specialty… this is my way of sharing it with you. Because I believe you want to feel that home away from home as soon as possible!

If you would you like to get to know me on a slightly more personal level you can watch my video!

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