Get the most out of your expat life in the Netherlands!

Expat employerYou have recently relocated to the Netherlands. Your relocation office has left you with all the necessary paperwork, a house and school. Life is still very exciting and you start to feel a little less more at home already. After all, although it’s an unfamiliar place away from family and friends, it is your new city. You want this experience to be an opportunity to make new friends, to excel in your new job and to see your kids happy in a new environment.

Expat relocatingHowever, the everyday practicality might be slightly different. Not being able to speak the language, not knowing who to turn to yet and whether or not to trust your friends or colleagues with delicate private matters may add to your level of stress. The best and most time saving way of dealing with it is to find someone who can help you. Your life will become infenetily easier if you know one person you can turn to with most of your questions.

The benefits?

• A one-stop-shop for all your challenges and questions
• It saves you lots of time which you can spend with your friends and familie instead
• The language will no longer be a problem
• Your privacy is guaranteed
• You don’t have to bring your private issues into work
• You do not have to bother friends & neighbors with your issues
• You will be ensured private matters will stay private, including if they are as delicate as dealing with the police or justice system
24/7 assistance

What you need is a person who you can trust and who can become your first new friend.  Who will be there to support you with everything you need help with. Expat Friend

After all…what you want is a smooth transition for your entire family and to create a happy life in your new home away from home.

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